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How to install OverDrive & check-out eBooks on your Android Device

1) Go to the Android Market on your device.  Tap Search.

Market icon image


2) Type in and search for Overdrive Media Console.  It will be a free app.  Tap on OverDrive in your results list.

Search Market image

Search for Overdrive image


3) Tap on Install.

Install Overdrive image


4) Tap OK to allow Overdrive to install.

Allow Overdrive image


5) Depending on your connection speed, OverDrive will be successfully installed in your Apps after a few minutes.

Overdrive installing image


6) If you look in your Apps, you will see an icon for OverDrive.  Tap the OverDrive icon.

Overdrive App image


7) You will see the About OverDrive Media Console screen.  Tap Close.

Overdrive info image


8) Authorize OverDrive to use your Adobe ID.  Tap App Settings.
(If you need help creating an Adobe ID, click here for instructions.)

Overdrive settings image


9) Enter your Adobe ID (usually an email address) and your Adobe ID password, then tap Authorize.  You will only need to do this step one time per device.

Authorize Adobe ID image


10) OverDrive will be authorized with your Adobe ID.   Do not Deauthorize.

Authorizing image

Authorized image


12) In the settings, tap Get Books.

Get Books image


13) Tap Add a Library.

Add a Library image


14) Enter your library by name, city or zip code and tap Search.

Library search image


15) In this example, River Falls has been found.  Tap on River Falls (or your local MORE library).

Library found image


16) Tap WiLS (Wisconsin Public Library Consortium) to your Get Books list.

Add Wisconsin Public Library Consortium image


17) If prompted, select the default browser.


18) OverDrive will open your browser and take you to the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium website.  Login with your library card number.

WPLC website image


19) Click on the little arrow next to the [select library] pull down menu.  Select the Indianhead Federated Public Library.  This will work for all MORE Library Consortium library card holders.

Select Indianhead Federated Library System image


20) Enter your library card number.
(You must have an up-to-date MORE library card with less than $10.00 in fines to check-out.  If you do not have a library card, go to your local Wisconsin public library to sign-up for a card.  To find your local IFLS library, go to http://www.ifls.lib.wi.us/Default.aspx?tabid=150 or to find your closest local Wisconsin library go to http://dpi.wi.gov/pld/wisysdir.html#public.)

After you enter your library card number, tap Login.

Enter library card number image


21) You will be logged into your WPLC account. This is where you will manage your digital holds and checkouts. You can search for titles by tapping Home, Browse or Search.

My Account image


22) Your Android device with the Overdrive app will use EPUB eBook titles.

Browse ebooks image


23) When you find an available EPUB eBook that you want to check out, tap Add to My Cart.

Add to My Cart image


24) Tap Proceed to Checkout.

Proceed to Checkout image


25) Select the number of days to check out your eBook title by tapping the little arrow next to the Lending Period menu and then tap Done.

Select Lending Period image

26) Tap on Confirm check out.

Confirm checkout image


27) Tap on Download.

Download image


28) When prompted to Select an action, select OverDrive Media Console.

Select Overdrive image


29) OverDrive will begin to download your EPUB ebook.

Downloading ebook image 


30) When you ebook is done downloading, you will see the title in your OverDrive library.  The check-out time will appear as a little calendar icon with a number.  In this example, the ebook check-out period is 7 days.  Tap on the title to start reading.

OverDrive library image


31) You may see the Using the Reader tips.  If so, press Close.  Uncheck Show when opening an eBook if you would prefer to not see the message each time you open an eBook.

Using the Reader image 

32) Tap on the ebook to start reading.  Slide the page to the left or right to go forwards or backwards within the ebook.

Image of ebook cover

Image of ebook chapters

Image of ebook text 

33) Tap the settings button to get into the Reader Settings

Overdrive settings image


34) You can change the Reader Settings, for example, Font Size.

Reader settings image

Change font size image

Larger font text image


35) You can view the details, files and cover of the eBook.

Detail of eBook image


36) If you would like to return an eBook before the lending period expires, you can Return and Delete the eBook.

Return and delete image

Return and delete message image

Overdrive app image

Expired titles automatically return but it is up to you to delete the title from your device after the lending period expires.  Expired titles remain on your device but you will not be able to use the titles past the end of lending period.

If you finish a title before the lending period ends, please Return and Delete the title so other library users will have access to the title.


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