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How to Transfer a Downloaded Audiobook to a Portable Device on your PC

1) Connect your portable device to your computer with a USB cable.  Turn on the portable device.

2) Open the OverDrive Media Console program.  Click on the title your want to transfer (in this example, Animals in Translation). Click on Transfer.


3) When the OverDrive Transfer Wizard opens, click on Next.


4) Make sure the device you want to transfer to is listed under Player and then click on Next.



5) The OverDrive Transfer Wizard will begin transferring the audio files to your device.  Depending on how many files you are transferring, it may take a few minutes for the transfer to complete.


6) When the transfer is complete, click on Finish.


7) You can use the OverDrive Transfer Wizard to transfer additional titles.

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To remove audiobook files when you are done listening or the loan period has expired, connect your device to your computer.  Open Windows Media Player. 

Click on Sync, then find the title you wish to remove.  Right-click on the title, then click on Delete.

When asked if you would like to deleted the selected items, click on OK.


The files will be deleted.

When you are done transferring or deleting files you should safely remove the device before you disconnect your portable device from your computer.

Right-click on the little green arrow on the bottom right of your task bar.  Then normal click on Safely Remove Hardware.


Click on either the Generic Volume or the name of the device and then OK.  Your device will be safely removed in a few moments.

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