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Starting Monday, May 20, you can stop in to the River Falls Public Library to pick up seed packets for 5 easy to grow seeds. The program is a partnership with: Pierce County Public Health and Nutrition and the River Falls Garden Club and is designed to help people experiencing financial difficulty or those new to gardening. Available while supplies last!

There will also be a variety of extra donated seeds and tomato seedlings to plant. The seed library is a partnership with Pierce County Public Health and the River Falls Garden Club, which provided a generous donation for the seed packets. Other seeds were donated by Fedco, Ferry-Morse, and Hudson Valley Seeds. The seed library is geared towards people who are low-income and new to gardening.

Seed Library Survey
We are looking for feedback and data on who is using the seed library.
Please fill out the survey at https://tinyurl.com/RFPLSeeds2024

Seed starting instructions
All of the Livingston seeds can be started outside in the ground or in containers. Seeds should be planted in a area with full-sun. Cucumbers and squash can be planted in hills or mounded soil if planted in the ground. The other seeds can be planted in rows in the soil.

The general rule of thumb is to plant peas, beans, squash, and cucumbers 1/2 inch deep in the soil either in the ground or containers. Look on the back of the seed packet for spacing. If planting in a container, follow the spacing guide for the size of container. Lettuce can be planted 1/4 inch deep either in rows in the soil or scattered in a container.

Peas are a cool season crop and can usually be planted in early May. Wait to plant the other seeds until there is no chance of frost, usually at the end of May around Memorial Day weekend.

Make a row with a garden tool to the needed soil depth. Plant the seeds and then gently cover with soil.  Lightly water the soil until moist. Keep the soil moist but not too wet until the seeds emerge. Continue to gently water to keep the soil moist as the plants grow. Plants in container need to be watered more often, daily or even twice a day in hot, windy weather. Fertilize soil if needed. Keep the soil around the plants weeded.

Squash and cucumbers should be protected from cutworms after the seedlings emerge. Use a 3 inch round strip of cardboard such as toilet paper tube or plastic container with the bottom cut off around seedlings for two – three weeks. Remove the cardboard or plastic before the plants get too big.

Seeds and plants want to grow. They just need sunlight, water and a little TLC so don’t stress out too much when planting a vegetable garden.

For more information on seed starting:

University of Minnesota Extension – Planting the vegetable garden

University of WI Extension – Selecting and planting