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Equipment to Borrow


Call the library to reserve all equipment except the hotspots.

Hotspots must be reserved through the MORE catalog.

All equipment must be picked up and returned to River Falls.

Borrowers must present a valid library card in order to check out equipment.

A deposit (cash or check only) is required for most equipment. The deposit will be returned when the equipment is returned in proper working order and with all parts.  Patrons may leave their deposit on file; checks must be reissued each year.  Patron agrees to cover the cost of damage and/or cost of replacement of any or all parts due to loss.

Two-day equipment may be kept longer by making special arrangements at time of check out.

Review the library’s Equipment Policy, Kindle e-Ink Reader Policy,  Wifi Hotspot Policy,  Chromebook Policy or before checking out equipment.

Equipment Deposit Check Out
LCD projector* $100 2 days
Kindle e-Ink reader $50 14 days
Opaque projector $50 2 days
Chromebook $50 14 days
Wifi hotspot $0 14 days
Outdoor screen $50 2 days
Indoor screen $10 2 days
Overhead projector $10 2 days
Slide projector $10 2 days
DVD player $20 2 days
Blood pressure kit $0 14 days
Watt-meter $0 14 days

* The library has three types of LCD projectors, InFocus projectors that are designed to be connected to a laptop computer, Epson DVD projectors which are designed for projecting DVDs, and two BenQ smart portable projectors.

The InFocus LCD projectors have HDMI and VGA video connections that  are intended to be used with computers that have a HDMI or VGA video-out port.  If you have a computer or device without an HDMI or VGA port, you will need to provide your own adapter to use the projectors.  Most Mac computers and all iPads, tablets and smart phones will need an adapter.

The BenQ projectors are designed to be portable and can connect to a Google account. The library has the GS50 and GV30 projectors, both with HDMI connections. Learn more about the projectors at the BenQ website.

The Kindle e-Ink Readers have dozens of books already loaded, mostly best-sellers and classics.  Click here for the list of books on the Kindles.


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